Gregory V. Freeman

I am drawn to workers’ compensation law because of its complexity and the rewarding challenge of seeing a case through from start to finish. It’s like solving a puzzle — each piece represents a crucial aspect of our client’s needs and rights.

Greg Freeman is a committed workers’ compensation defense attorney at Wallace Mann Capener Bishop & Debney, P.C., whose legal journey is characterized by a profound understanding of the intricate dynamics between law and personal impact. His motivation to pursue a legal career was sparked during his youth through intellectual debates with his older brother and further fueled by a high school history class taught by a former attorney. This class emphasized evidence-based discussions and legal reasoning, planting the seeds for his future in law.

Greg graduated from Lewis & Clark Law School, where he honed his advocacy skills and was recognized as the Best Oral Advocate in his first-year moot court competition. His academic achievements include a Dean’s Scholarship, awarded for his potential and performance. Before specializing in workers’ compensation defense, Greg engaged deeply in the field of mass torts at EPIQ Global, managing challenging cases that involved extensive medical record reviews and sensitive client interactions. His transition to workers’ compensation law allows him to leverage his detailed-oriented approach to navigate and influence the often complex negotiations and legal proceedings that characterize this field.

Now at WMCBD, Greg’s practice is distinguished by his strategic and empathetic approach to each case, ensuring that both employers and employees find equitable resolutions to their disputes. His background in mass torts, particularly in handling medical-related cases, provides him with a unique perspective that enhances his effectiveness in advocating for just outcomes in workers’ compensation claims.

Greg is an avid outdoorsman, enjoying activities such as hiking, climbing, camping, and backpacking with his wife and friends. His love for strategic thinking extends beyond the courtroom into game nights with friends. During the colder months, he also cherishes quiet times at home with his wife and two cats.