Joshua L. Bibb

As a workers’ compensation defense attorney, I am passionate about applying my problem-solving skills to help achieve fair and practical outcomes. I strive to ensure that the legal process respects the needs of both employers and employees, fostering a balanced approach to workplace injury cases.

Joshua Bibb brings a unique blend of business acumen and legal expertise to his role as a workers’ compensation defense attorney at Wallace Mann Capener Bishop & Debney, P.C. Inspired by his businessman father, Joshua developed a passion for problem-solving early in life. Although he initially pursued engineering, his interest shifted to business during his undergraduate studies at Walla Walla University, culminating in a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration with a minor in Spanish. Joshua continued his education at Willamette University, earning both a J.D. and an MBA, which prepared him to expertly navigate the complexities of law and business.

In his legal practice, Joshua is known for his analytical approach to balancing the needs of employers and their employees. He is dedicated to ensuring that employees receive the necessary treatment to return to work promptly, while also protecting employers from undue financial burdens. His background in business and his bilingual capabilities (DELE B1 Certification in Spanish) enhance his ability to manage diverse cases and client needs effectively.

Before joining Wallace Mann Capener Bishop & Debney, P.C., Joshua gained substantial experience at the Oregon Tax Court as a Legal Extern, where he assisted in drafting judicial opinions and engaged in various legal proceedings including mediation and trial proceedings. Additionally, he has worked in accounts receivable at Jubitz Corporation, where he honed his skills in financial data analysis and document management.

When not advocating for his clients, Joshua is an avid supporter of the Portland Trail Blazers and enjoys exploring Oregon’s natural landscapes with friends. His hobbies include hiking in the gorge and other outdoor activities that reflect his love for nature.