Why We’re Proud to be Aggressive Workers’ Compensation Defense Lawyers

We’re known as aggressive workers’ compensation defense lawyers.  To many, the term “aggressive” carries negative connotations – such as those of being inflexible, discourteous, rude, and bullying.

We believe that lawyers who practice law under this view of “aggressive” do both themselves and their clients a disservice.  Being inflexible regarding positions ignores the possibility of substantial breakthroughs that often develop in case management and litigation that will be highly beneficial to clients and their objectives.

Being discourteous and rude to opposing counsel is not only not effective, but can also increase client costs in litigation.  And no one likes a bully.

How We Advocate Aggressively on Behalf of Clients

We advocate aggressively on behalf of clients by using experience, meticulous case preparation, case management processes developed over many years, and detailed strategy development focused on client objectives.  These principles are the fundamental aspects of our representation and how we litigate matters.

Effective aggressive litigation requires more than taking hard positions.  It requires knowledge, the tenaciousness to build a strong defense, and creative solution insight.

We focus on matters that are disputed legally and factually.  Our defense is built piece by piece, through going the extra mile to uncover facts and question experts and their opinions.

Our adversaries understand the positions being advocated on behalf of our clients, and why we believe these positions should prevail.  It is through the tenaciousness in advocating client positions, and our willingness to take a case to trial at the behest of our clients, by which we have become known as aggressive litigators.

We Believe that Every Client Deserves Aggressive Representation

While trial is not always the preferred outcome, we believe that lawyers should always be well-prepared to take cases to trial.

We invite you to call us to learn how we can help you.