Our Client Service Statement

We practice workers’ compensation defense in the states of Washington, Oregon, and California, and represent leading businesses in helping to advance their workers’ compensation objectives.  We additionally provide legal counsel and represent companies in personal injury and appellate law matters, provide counsel for management-side labor and employment matters, and businesses disputes.

We are counselors and advisors to leading businesses.  Our role is to provide considered advice in complex workers’ compensation cases and other matters so that client management can make informed decisions.

We are adept at providing detailed workers’ compensations case evaluations quickly.  Through our experience and processes, we are typically able to provide clients and third party administrators with detailed case evaluations and analyses quickly after a new matter arises.

We are trial lawyers.  When the merits of a case suggest litigation, at the behest of our clients, we litigate.  We are not a firm that believes in (or recommends) settling cases simply to avoid the risk of losing in court.

We make law.  Because the interests of our clients often favor litigating complex legal and factual matters, our cases often result in new case law in areas that previously were unsettled.

We are prepared.  Whether providing case evaluations and recommendations or going to trial, we are fully prepared to advance the cases of our clients.

We zealously advocate on behalf of our clients.  Through creativity, tenaciousness, and an over-arching desire to win, we work tirelessly to advance the interests and objectives of our clients.

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