Our Appellate Practice – Workers’ Compensation and Other Matters

Our appellate practice is focused on seeking to preserve client wins obtained at hearings and in lower courts and to overturn adverse rulings through the appellate courts.

An appellate practice requires having a detailed knowledge of the rules that govern the procedures, standards of review, and matters for which an appeal can be made.  Additionally, it is helpful to have a solid background in the underlying law concerning the appeal.

Our Workers’ Compensation Appellate Practice

Our attorneys have decades of practice concerning workers’ compensation appeals from hearings and lower court rulings.  The matters of our workers’ compensation clients sometimes involve unsettled matters of law. With a strong focus in the workers’ compensation defense arena, we know that the ultimate appellate outcome will not only affect our client’s case, but also potentially many other employers that might have similar issues.

Other Areas of Appellate Law

In addition to representing clients in workers’ compensation appeals, our appellate practice also includes other matters, including:

  • Employment cases,
  • Personal injury cases,
  • Insurance matters, and
  • Commercial litigation matters

We do not undertake criminal appellate work.

The Scope of Our Appellate Practice

We are available to represent clients in appellate matters before the state appellate courts and the state supreme court for the states of California, Oregon, and Washington, as well as federal appellate courts in such states.  We are also available to represent clients before the Supreme Court of the United States.

If your business is seeking representation for an appellate matter, please call us.