Washington, Oregon & California Workers’ Compensation Defense Lawyers

Our Workers’ Compensation Defense Practice

For more than a quarter century we have been representing leading employers in workers’ compensation defense matters.  Our practice now includes offices in California, Oregon, and Washington, where we are positioned to represent West Coast employers in any of these states.

Our workers’ compensation defense practice is at the heart of our firm, and is characterized by:

  • Thorough and aggressive representation.  We spend the time to investigate claims, develop the facts, question plaintiff and claimant witnesses and experts, and develop defenses consistent with the law.
  • The implementation of efficient workers’ compensation processes.  All of our attorneys practice workers’ compensation law.  Through our years of practice, we have developed and refined our approach to representing clients in order to provide and deliver greater efficiencies, decrease time for claims analysis, and utilize a structured approach around claim defense consistent with client workers’ compensation program objectives.
  • Our experience and ability to handle complex cases and workers’ compensation portfolios. We have the experience and ability to handle  virtually every type of workers’ compensation claim that can be brought.  Moreover, our practice is focused on handling client portfolios for businesses, as opposed to handling only single claims.

Your Workers’ Compensation Program

We know that each company will have a unique approach for their workers’ compensation program.  We work with clients to understand their program and objectives, including their objectives on risk and taking claims to trial.  Once we understand these objectives, we tailor our services and strategies to advance these objectives.   

Our Commitment to Client Education

Representing clients in workers’ compensation claims is only one aspect of our commitment to client service.  We are additionally devoted to educating clients concerning best practices for accident minimization and legal cost exposure, and developing strategies to encourage efficient work relationships around the processes that are the best for each client.

We’re in it for the Long-Term

By working with each client to learn more about their preferences for communication, risk, and strategy, we become a valued partner of businesses.

To learn more about our workers’ compensation practice and how we can help your company, please call us.