Our Labor & Employment Law Practice

Helping Employers Minimize the Risk of Employee Litigation Matters

For businesses, the best employment lawsuits are the ones that never arise.  While some employment lawsuit risk will always exist, there are many proactive measures that can be taken by employers to significantly reduce such risk.  Our Labor & Employment Law attorneys help businesses identify such measures, and, if an employment matter arises, we advise as to what action should be immediately considered.

Risk Mitigation Matters

We routinely assist businesses through:

  • Reviewing and advising on procedures concerning employee discipline and termination
  • Educating managers and supervisors regarding sexual harassment, discrimination, and other prohibited conduct
  • Developing or reviewing employee handbooks and policies
  • Reviewing wage and hour compliance

Representation When Legal Matters Arise

When an employee threatens a lawsuit against a business or its owners or managers, we provide legal counsel concerning possible responses and action.  Often, the natural action when a lawsuit is threatened – ignoring complaints or firing the employee – are not the best actions to take.

If you or your company is threatened with legal action by an employee, please call us immediately – before any action is taken.  We can then advise you as to what actions and response should be considered.  If litigation is initiated, we can further represent you and your company.