Announcement: New Firm Name

Wallace, Klor & Mann, P.C. is pleased to announce that effective October 1, 2016, the firm will be officially known as Wallace, Klor, Mann, Capener & Bishop, P.C.  Over 25 years ago, Schuyler T. Wallace, Jr. founded the firm when he saw a need for Pacific Northwest employers to have a more sophisticated and cost-effective approach to workers’ compensation defense.  He was joined by John Klor and Lawrence E. Mann as the firm developed a strong reputation as a leading Pacific Northwest workers’ compensation defense firm.  As the firm grew, it later added shareholders Jeffery H. Capener and Christopher A. Bishop.  Jeff and Chris will now be added as named shareholders as the firm moves forward with its team-based approach to handling workers’ compensation claims and related employment matters.

Wallace, Klor, Mann, Capener & Bishop, P.C. will continue to be one of the largest Pacific Northwest firms devoted to workers’ compensation defense and employment related matters.