Kuranda Kasatka

In the realm of law, it’s critical to embrace an abstract approach. If you take a solely black and white approach, you miss the complexities that are inherit in real life. Those complexities are often key to the best outcomes for our clients.

Inspired by the intimidating and intricate rules that govern our society, Kuranda always knew she was meant to be an attorney.  Kuranda’s tenacity, expertise, analytical nature, and steadfast commitment to aggressively addressing her client’s matters lets self-insured employers know their representation is in the best possible hands.

Before joining WKMCB, Kuranda bolstered her litigation prowess representing landlords and tenants in FED litigation in Oregon’s Deschutes, Crook, and Prineville counties.  Kuranda also negotiated with police officers to mitigate traffic violations across Oregon, and drafted various legal documents related to traffic, landlord-tenant, and employment law matters.

Kuranda’s family background in the medical field instilled in her an appreciation for the interplay between law and medicine. This fascination, coupled with her experience in employment law, naturally guided her to specialize in workers’ compensation defense, and she finds fulfillment in the unique problem-solving aspect of this field. To her, each case is akin to an intricate puzzle and she thrives on crafting the best possible resolution for each situation.

When not aggressively working her client’s cases, Kuranda finds joy in the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest. An avid gardener, hiker, and outdoor enthusiast, she cherishes the time spent exploring and appreciating her surroundings. She shares her home with her two beloved cats, Jax and Murphy. A lover of cinema, Kuranda’ s favorite movie is the classic film-noir, “Sunset Boulevard”. She also indulges in documentaries, always eager to deepen her understanding of the world.