Lawrence E. Mann

Lawrence Mann joined the firm in 1989 after serving as in-house counsel for an insurance company.  His practice is focused on workers’ compensation matters, as well as labor law and human resource matters.  He often advises clients on employment grievances and disputes, as well matters involving human resource policies and handbooks.

I am proud that our firm is able to provide decades of legal experience to clients. With this experience, we understand the complexities of claims, as well as how handling claims affects our client’s business operations.

Much of Lawrence’s practice concerns defending municipalities, states, and the federal government in the workers’ compensation claims of government employees.  As these employees may be able to bring the same claim under both state and federal statutes in two different actions (state and federal forums), he is available to represent both the federal government and a state municipality in actions arising under the same injury.

Lawrence represents clients in Washington and Oregon, and has clients in California.  He has significant experience in toxic exposure cases, including those involving solvents, toxic fumes, radiological exposure, and tank farms.

Away from the office Lawrence enjoys fly fishing, scuba diving, and golf.  He is an adventurer, and likes to travel to new places.