Lester D. Marshall

Washington workers’ compensation defense attorney Lester D. Marshall offers clients the experience gained through more than 13 years of workers’ compensation and civil litigation experience.

Providing effective workers’ compensation defense requires a thorough analysis of a claim and meticulous file preparation.  It’s about doing the difficult work – no shortcuts.

Les is known as a thorough, pragmatic, and ethically-minded attorney with a demonstrated ability to develop discovery strategies, communicate clearly the application of the law to fact circumstances, negotiate settlements in complex cases, and represent clients in administrative law courts.  Les strongly believes in minimizing employee fraud and abuse of the workers’ compensation system, which led to his decision to defend employers and insurance companies.

Prior to joining the firm, Lester’s previous experience included defending workers’ compensation cases on behalf of insurance companies and self-insured employers.  In these positions he managed all aspects of cases, including legal research, development and implementation of discovery plans, depositions of expert and lay witnesses, negotiation of settlements, and client briefing conferences and court appearances (including pre-trial conferences and trials).

Les first became interested in workers’ compensation defense as this was the area of law practiced by his grandmother.  Outside of the office Les is a history enthusiast, particularly military history .  He also enjoys poker, strategic gaming, spending time with his wife and two adult daughters, and tending a variety of critters on an old farm in Oregon City.